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About the project

Within the framework of Component 3: Labour Market Integration (Module 3.1: Sectoral Analysis and Development of Concepts for Labour Market Integration in Selected Sectors) of the SUMMIT Project, Tandans plays a crucial role in achieving its overarching objective. This component seeks to facilitate the development and implementation of labor market integration measures in selected sectors at the regional level. Tandans’ contribution is instrumental in conducting a comprehensive survey among 1,200 employers in three selected sectors across four regions

Types of Services Provided

Our comprehensive services encompass the entire research process, from designing the survey methodology to data collection, analysis, and reporting. Tandans specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, ensuring that the SUMMIT Project achieves its objective of supporting labor market integration in selected sectors at the regional level, ultimately fostering economic development and social cohesion.

Tandans takes a lead role in designing the project’s survey methodology, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the objectives of Module 3.1. We focus on meticulous sampling design and the preparation of the inception report to provide a strong foundation for the data collection phase.

Our team is dedicated to developing a robust research methodology that precisely addresses the goals of Module 3.1. This methodology tailored to gather insights into the characteristics, structure, and dynamics of priority sectors in each region, as well as labor supply and demand across different skill levels.

Tandans will oversee the comprehensive collection of data from 1,200 employers, providing a nuanced understanding of labor market dynamics and employer attitudes towards migrant employment. Our expertise lies in processing, analyzing, and interpreting this data, enabling us to draw meaningful conclusions and identify potential support measures and incentives for the integration of migrants into the labor market.

We commit to delivering analytical reports that shed light on the selected sectors’ characteristics, labor supply and demand, and employer perspectives. Our reports will also explore feasible support measures and incentives for migrant labor market integration.

Tandans will play a vital role in presenting the survey findings to project stakeholders, ensuring that decision-makers are well-informed and equipped to make evidence-based choices regarding labor market integration measures.

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