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We are highly qualified in the implementation of national and international projects as well as designing, monitoring and managing projects, with a focus on “research project management” tools combined with statistical techniques, sociological imagination, and ethnographical insights.


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TANDANS DSC is an ISO 90001 and ISO 20252 certified international consultancy firm...

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Our approach integrates robust data collection, rigorous analysis, and comprehensive reporting to provide a holistic view of program performance and effectiveness.

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With our expertise in data analytics and evaluation methodologies, we offer a range of assessment solutions tailored to your unique needs

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Digital Storytelling Workshop: Shaping Media Narratives on Gender Equality

Digital Storytelling Workshop Shaping Media Narratives on Gender Equality Hacettepe University’s Faculty of Communication hosted a remarkable Digital Storytelling Workshop, part of a strategic initiative supported by UN Women and funded by the European Union. This innovative event was organized in collaboration with the Gender Equality Monitoring Association (CEID), Tandans Data Science Consulting, and Dissensus Research, under the banner of the “Strong Civil Space for Gender Equality” project. Crafting Stories with Impact Over the course of two days, media professionals from Ankara, Adana, and Istanbul, who had previously participated in the “Modular Training Program on Gender Data and Statistics,” came together to delve into the relationship between media narratives and gender data. The workshop provided a platform for these journalists, all seasoned in data journalism and rights-based reporting, to refine their skills in integrating gender perspectives into their storytelling. Through shared experiences in the Story Circle, followed by individual creative sessions involving text creation, audio recordings, and visual production, participants crafted compelling digital stories that highlighted gender issues.   Enriching Media Activities The workshop served not only as a training ground but also as a showcase of the potent role media can play in gender equality movements. The final presentations, a culmination of the participants’ hard work, were enriched with personal insights and professional expertise, reflecting the transformative power of media when combined with informed and sensitive handling of gender data. By the end of the workshop, participants had not only developed individual digital stories but had also contributed to a collective narrative about the crucial role of media in advocating for gender equality. This initiative exemplifies how targeted training and collaboration among specialized organizations can enhance the impact of media on social change.

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Social Media Campaigns Developed with Creative Use of Data Compete in Data Visualization and Advocacy Hackathon for Gender Equality!

Visualization and Advocacy Hackathon for Gender Equality Social Media Campaigns Developed with Creative Use of Data Compete in Data The Data Visualization and Advocacy for Gender Equality Hackathon, organized within the scope of the “Strong Civic Space for Gender Equality” Project implemented with the financial support of UN Women and the European Union, ended with great success in Istanbul. The event, which took place on February 24-25 at the Doubletree by Hilton Moda Hotel, brought together students from different disciplines to use data and develop social media campaigns on gender equality. The hackathon was organized in collaboration with Gender Equality Monitoring Association (CEID), and Dissensus Research with our leadership, and provided students with the opportunity to work on gender issues in depth and come up with innovative solutions. Throughout the event, participants prepared social media campaigns on gender equality using evidence-based approaches and data visualization techniques. Themis Team won first place with their work on women’s political participation in local government! The Gender Benders team came second with their campaign “Equal Play, Not Masculine Play“, drawing attention to gender equality in sports. The “GenderStellar” team came third with their social media campaign on evaluating and improving post-disaster relief processes from a gender equality perspective. The teams competed fiercely for two days, covering topics such as thin masculinity; women who are not in education, employment or training (NEET); and showing poverty from a gender perspective. The Hackathon’s jury was composed of experts in gender equality and media communication. Leading figures in the field, such as UN Women representative Zeliha Ünaldı and Gender Statistics Expert Gülay Toksöz, contributed their in-depth knowledge and experience to the event. Gender Expert Gülay Günlük Şenesen evaluated the participating projects from a comprehensive perspective. Media and Communication Specialist Suncem Koçer, musician and content producer Beyza Doğuç and Youth Representative Ezgi Toprak from measured the effectiveness and innovation of the projects in terms of media and social communication.

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