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Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS) Among Syrian Refugees in Refugee Health Centers

The “Patient Satisfaction Survey Among Syrian Refugees in Turkey” aims to assess patient satisfaction levels among Syrian patients who receives medical treatment in Refugee Health Centers in Turkey and factor correlated with their overall health care satisfaction and to assess some other related parameters. This study was initiated to gather evidence and beneficiary insights concerning received services and expectations, thus enhancing the efficacy of the humanitarian response.
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Evaluating Attitudes and Behaviors on the Rational Use of Medicines in Health Care Services for Refugees and Migrants in Turkey

The overarching purpose of this study is to evaluate the attitudes and behaviors of refugee patients, doctors and pharmacists on rational use of medicines and make recommendations for culturally competent/appropriate pharmaceutical services that meet the cultural, linguistic, health literacy, and health communication needs of refugees living in Turkey. The study has the following specific objectives: Evaluating the attitudes and behaviors of refugee patients, doctors and community pharmacists on rational use of medicines, understanding all role players’ attitudes and behaviors towards rational use of medicines and community pharmaceutical services, and adopting strategies that overcome challenges to allow refugees to access and effectively use available community pharmaceutical services.
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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Health Staff

TANDANS team conducted a face-to-face surveys with health personnel to develop a content for training with the aim of increasing the quality of health services for Syrian refugees. The output was a TNA report.
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Health Projects
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemics on Public Pharmacies

This research has been carried out to determine how pharmacists have been affected by the COVID-19 process beyond what is known, what losses they have suffered, what measures should be taken as pharmacists and for pharmacists in the crises that may occur in the future, and what measures should be taken and what has been left incomplete in this process. In this study we conducted with the Turkish Pharmacists Association, ‘mixed research method’ was used. The approach used in this research is an approach known as ‘exploratory sequential design’, in which quantitative research is used first and then qualitative research is used as guided by the results of the quantitative research.
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