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Enhancing the Effectiveness of Civil Monitoring Boards in Line with European Standards - Council of Europe

The objective of this multifaceted project, “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Civil Monitoring Boards (CMBs) in Line with European Standards,” was to strengthen and optimize the operations of CMBs. Tandans played a pivotal role in achieving this objective through a comprehensive set of contributions.
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Baseline and Follow-up Data Collection for Mediation in Turkish Judiciary System - Council of Europe

In the context of the “Baseline and Follow-up Data Collection for Mediation in the Turkish Judiciary System,” Tandans Consulting played a central and instrumental role in conducting crucial baseline data collection. This data collection effort was a cornerstone of the broader “Improving Mediation Practices in Civil Disputes in Turkey” initiative, co-financed by SIDA and the Republic of Turkey, and implemented by the Council of Europe.
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Technical Assistance for Improvement of Enforcement Services in Prisons - Project Group / The Ministry of Justice

The overarching objective of the “Technical Assistance for Improvement of Enforcement Services in Prisons” project was to enhance and optimize the enforcement services within the prison system. This involved improving key aspects such as motivation assessment, risk evaluation, and offender profiling tools. The project sought to elevate the quality and effectiveness of enforcement services, ensuring that they align with international standards and best practices.
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Improving the Effectiveness of the Administrative Judiciary and Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Council of State

Tandans Consulting played a pivotal role in the project aimed at improving the effectiveness of the administrative judiciary and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Council of State. Our contributions were instrumental in achieving the project’s objective, which included introducing innovative approaches to assess the performance and satisfaction levels within the judicial system.
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Strengthening the Efficiency and Quality of Judicial System in Azerbaijan - Council of Europe

Project's primary goal is to conduct three electronic surveys targeting court chairmen, judges, and court administration officials. These surveys serve as a critical component of the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) process. Subsequently, TANDANS is responsible for generating a TNA report alongside a comprehensive training program/plan tailored to court management for the Justice Academy of Azerbaijan.
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