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About the project

The goal of this consultancy is to create a robust monitoring tool for conducting qualitative research on the implementation of the ESSN program. This third-party monitoring endeavor is pivotal for effectively and efficiently tracking progress. The project’s broader objective is to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the ESSN III program, evaluate the operational processes and impacts, and gauge the extent to which ESSN III has enhanced household well-being and welfare.

Types of Services Provided

Tandans offers end-to-end services, from designing the monitoring tool to conducting data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our dedication to the third-party monitoring of the ESSN III program ensures that the process remains transparent, accountable, and independent. Through robust methodological approaches, our work contributes significantly to evidence-based decision-making, program effectiveness, and the overall welfare of households benefiting from the ESSN III program.

Tandans is instrumental in designing the monitoring tool, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the project’s objectives. We lay the foundation for an effective qualitative research framework that will yield valuable insights.

Our team meticulously crafts the methodology for data collection and analysis, optimizing it to comprehensively evaluate the various facets of the ESSN III program. This includes conducting 19 focus group discussions (FGDs), 25 key informant interviews (KIIs), and a mini-survey across five key provinces: Istanbul, Şanlıurfa, Ankara, İzmir, and Gaziantep.

Tandans takes a lead role in primary data collection, utilizing FGDs, KIIs, and surveys. Our expertise extends to data analysis, where we process and interpret the gathered information to provide credible and evidence-based findings.

We commit to delivering a comprehensive report that encapsulates the outcomes of the monitoring efforts. Our report will contain invaluable findings, recommendations, and lessons learned, which will be of great use to key stakeholders involved in the ESSN program. It will also support ongoing program implementation, enhance accountability, and contribute to continuous learning and improvement within the program.

Tandans will play a vital role in presenting the findings of the monitoring project to key stakeholders. Our presentations will be structured to ensure that decision-makers have a clear understanding of the results, recommendations, and lessons learned, allowing for evidence-based decision-making and the refinement of the ESSN program for greater effectiveness.

Collected Data

key ınformant interviews

with beneficiary households

Focus Group Discussions

with beneficiary households

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