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Türkiye'de Koruyucu Aile Hizmetlerinin Güçlendirilmesi için Uluslararası ve Ulusal Kurumsal Danışmanlık Hizmetleri

International and National Institutional Consultancy Services to Strengthen Foster Care in Türkiye Child Protection About the Project The project focuses on strengthening the foster care system in Türkiye through international and national institutional consultancy services. Key activities include assessing and improving the alternative care system for children, developing tools to bolster general and temporary foster care practices, building the capacity of the foster care workforce and carers, and piloting a temporary foster care model. The proposal highlights collaboration between national and international consultancy firms, ensuring high-quality deliverables across all phases of the project. The project aims for completion by December 2025. Services Types of Services Provided We are providing a comprehensive range of services for the project aimed at strengthening foster care in Türkiye. Our involvement spans various critical aspects including research and data analysis, where we perform baseline assessments and extensive reviews of existing data related to the national alternative care system, particularly focusing on foster care. We are instrumental in capacity building, developing tailored training programs and materials for foster care staff and carers to enhance their capabilities. We are also actively involved in piloting models, specifically temporary foster care models, ensuring these pilots are thoroughly monitored and evaluated to refine practices effectively. Additionally, we contribute to the development and refinement of essential tools and frameworks that support the effective operation of the foster care system, including the creation of guidebooks and standard operating procedures for stakeholders involved in foster care. Research & Evaluation Services include comprehensive assessments of existing systems, data collection both from secondary sources and through fieldwork, and detailed analysis to inform policy and practice changes. Training and Capacity Building We will design and implement training sessions and materials for foster care professionals and carers, enhancing their skills and knowledge to improve care standards. Tool and Framework Development Development of implementation tools, standard operating procedures, and guidebooks to support foster care operations and practices. Piloting and Implementation Support We actively pilot innovative models of foster care, rigorously testing and adjusting approaches to ensure they meet the specific needs and contexts of our target communities. Additionally, we provide comprehensive implementation support, helping to seamlessly integrate these models into existing systems and ensuring sustainable, long-term success.


'Göç Ortaklık Aracı'nın Program Seviyesinde Değerlendirmesi

mıgratıon About the project The evaluation of the ICMPD Migration Partnership Facility (MPF) is a significant endeavor aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the MPF across its two funding periods, MPF III and MPF IV. This project is pivotal for enhancing the external dimension of the EU’s migration policy, focusing on the development of migration policy frameworks and promoting dialogue-driven multilateral cooperation. Tandans views this project as a multifaceted challenge that not only assesses impacts but also facilitates the generation and dissemination of knowledge, ensuring that the insights gained can influence ongoing and future migration management efforts. The project addresses the complexity of migration issues through robust methodological approaches and is designed to provide strategic insights that are critical for the European Union. Tandans, along with its partners, is committed to delivering a comprehensive evaluation that supports informed decision-making and policy development. Services Types of Services Provided In the ICMPD Migration Partnership Facility project, Tandans is involved primarily in Work Packages 2 and 4. Our role encompasses the methodological guidance and implementation for evaluating MPF-supported initiatives. We are tasked with providing comprehensive analyses using quantitative and mixed-method research methods to ensure a detailed and nuanced evaluation. Additionally, Tandans plays a crucial role in the communication and dissemination aspects of the project, ensuring that findings are effectively communicated to relevant stakeholders and the broader public​. Methodological Guidance and Evaluation Implementation Tandans is responsible for providing methodological guidance for the evaluation of initiatives supported by the MPF, particularly focusing on quantitative and mixed-method research approaches. This includes overseeing the detailed evaluation processes to ensure that the analysis captures all relevant data and insights effectively. Communication and Dissemination Our tasks include preparing communication taining, materials and strategies to ensure that the evaluation findings are accessible to stakeholders, enhancing the overall impact and visibility of the project results. Our Projects Learn more about our projects in the field of communication Click Here


Toplumsal ve Davranışsal Değişim (SBC) Stratejisi için Uzun Vadeli Düzenlemeler (LTA), Hızlı Değerlendirme ve Çoklu Medya Materyali Geliştirme

communication About the project The Long Term Arrangements (LTA) for Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) by UNICEF Turkey is designed to facilitate positive behavioral and social transformations crucial to the success of development programs and humanitarian activities. This strategic initiative is aligned with both UNICEF’s global approach and the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing specifically on children’s issues. The project emphasizes changing harmful social and gender norms that affect children directly, such as in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Education, Child Protection, Adolescent Development, and Social Policy. Through an integrated, multi-level strategy, the project aims to combat protection risks, enhance community engagement, and increase demand for basic services critical to child welfare and development. Services Types of Services Provided Tandans, in partnership with Duru Medya, will provide an array of specialized services aimed at advancing children’s welfare. These services include developing evidence-based communication strategies tailored to influence child-centric behaviors, conducting rapid assessments to adapt to the dynamic needs of children and their communities, and creating multi-media materials that are accessible and engaging for children and their families. Additionally, we will lead community engagement efforts to ensure local ownership and participation in child-focused programs, and implement strategic communication and advocacy campaigns to promote policies that safeguard children’s rights and well-being. By improving service delivery and strengthening institutional capacities, Tandans and Duru Medya will play a crucial role in promoting effective and sustainable behavior changes that directly benefit children across Turkey. Evidence-based Communication Strategy Crafting strategies based on thorough behavioral and communication analyses to effectively reach diverse audiences, with a particular focus on messages that impact children’s lives and rights. Rapid Assessments Conducting swift evaluations to capture timely insights into the needs and circumstances of children and their communities, allowing for agile adjustments to strategies and interventions. Multi-media Material Development Creating content that is accessible and appropriate for children and their families across various platforms, enhancing understanding and engagement. Our Projects Learn more about our projects in the field of communication Click Here


Technical Assistance for the “Kadir Has University Creative Industries Platform” KHAS-YEP Project 

About the project The Technical Assistance for the “Kadir Has University Creative Industries Platform” (KHAS-YEP) Project aims to establish a creative industries platform focusing on the film industry in Türkiye and support the SMEs acting in the sector in order to increase competitiveness of this sector at regional and global level. Our experts contributed to this project. Services Types of Services Provided Our efforts included conducting sector analysis and diagnostic studies to assess the industry’s status and needs, performing a detailed value chain analysis to identify efficiency opportunities, and evaluating the feasibility of an incubation center to support SMEs and entrepreneurs in the film sector.  Sector Analysis and Diagnostic Studies Conducting detailed studies to understand the current state of the screen industries sector and the needs of potential customers of the Center. This involved various research methodologies such as desk research, stakeholders analysis, focus group discussions, and in-depth interviews. Value Chain Analysis Examining the structure and dynamics within the film industry, identifying key actors, and assessing the flow of goods and services to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. Incubation Centre Feasibility Analysis Evaluating the market feasibility for establishing a business incubator within the KHAS-YEP, focusing on supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in the film sector. This included analyzing the current market, conceptualizing potential services, and identifying revenue sources. Our Projects Learn more about our projects in the field of communication Click Here


Belediye Hizmet Projesi için İletişim ve Görünürlük Stratejisi Geliştirme ve Stratejinin Uygulanması İçin Şartname Hazırlama Danışmanlık Hizmetleri 

Communication About the project This project aims to improve the infrastructure in eight provinces of Turkey—Adıyaman, Kilis, Gaziantep, Mersin, Mardin, Malatya, Şanlıurfa, and Hatay. Managed by ILBANK and funded through a combination of EU grants and AFD loans, its main objective is to enhance living conditions by improving access to water, sanitation, and solid waste services, thereby benefiting both local communities and Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP). Services Types of Services Provided Tandans Data Science Consulting has been pivotal in developing a comprehensive Communication and Visibility (C&V) Strategy for this project. Our services involve detailed field visits across the targeted provinces to gather insights and data, which inform the SWOT analyses and strategic recommendations. These visits also serve to understand the communication dynamics and infrastructure needs at a local level. We also prepared the Terms of Reference (ToR), which serves as a detailed guideline that outlines the specific tasks, responsibilities, and expectations for all parties involved in implementing the communication strategy for the project. Field Visit & Data Collection Conducted extensive fieldwork including focus group discussions and key informant interviews to understand local needs, communication preferences, and awareness levels about ongoing projects. Communication Strategy Development Based on the field data, Tandans formulated a C&V strategy that addresses both general and specific objectives tailored to the unique dynamics of each province. This strategy focuses on enhancing visibility, improving stakeholder engagement, and ensuring effective information dissemination about the project’s impacts and benefits. SWOT Analysis Performed comprehensive SWOT analyses to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to the project in each province, providing a critical foundation for the tailored communication strategies. Preparation of ToR for Execution Services The ToR includes comprehensive details such as the scope of work, objectives, and deliverables of the communication strategy, ensuring that all activities align with the overall goals of enhancing visibility and engaging stakeholders effectively. It also sets the standards for monitoring and evaluation, providing clear criteria for measuring the impact of the communication efforts. This structured approach facilitates a transparent and efficient execution of the strategy, ensuring that the project’s communication goals are met successfully. Our Projects Learn more about our projects in the field of communication Click Here


Technical Assistance for “Kars City with Its Historical Identity Project”

communication About the project The “Technical Assistance for Kars City with Its Own Historical Identity Project” aims to provide an array of specialized services to enhance Kars City and the TRA2 Provinces as key cultural and winter tourism destinations. This initiative encompasses the development of strategic marketing plans to amplify Kars’ unique historical and cultural identity, alongside boosting its visibility as a premier winter tourism spot. We supported the promotional activities, including showcasing Kars City at national and international tourism fairs, organizing an exhibition on the Ani Ruins, and hosting an international festival with a conference.  Services Types of Services Provided delivered impactful promotional activities, including showcasing Kars City at national and international tourism fairs, organizing an exhibition on the Ani Ruins, and hosting an international festival with a conference. Additional efforts included press trips, creating key communication materials, and managing extensive PR and communication activities for all events. These initiatives were designed to enhance Kars City’s brand visibility and affirm its position as a premier cultural and winter tourism destination. Communication & Visibility Strategy The communication and visibility strategy for the Kars City project was meticulously crafted to maximize exposure and engage both local and international audiences effectively. It utilized a mix of traditional and digital media platforms to broadcast events, highlight cultural heritage, and promote tourism opportunities, ensuring a broad and impactful reach. Marketing & Event Management The marketing and event management strategy for the Kars City project was designed to enhance the city’s profile through high-visibility events and targeted marketing campaigns. This approach integrated engaging promotional activities, strategic partnerships, and immersive event experiences to attract tourists and establish Kars City as a key destination in cultural and winter tourism, in EMITT (İstanbul), FITUR (Madrid), ITB Berlin, Ani Exhibition and International Kars Conference and Promotional Activities.        Our Projects Learn more about our projects in the field of communication Click Here


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