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About the project

The study aims to understand the trend of an increased number of movements of Afghan refugees and migrants to, through, and from Turkey; their key vulnerabilities and protection concerns in Turkey as well as their aspirations for onward movements. The research has progressed in three phases. The first phase started with desk research. After the preparation of data collection tools, the second phase mainly involved conducting fieldwork in six provinces to collect quantitative and qualitative data simultaneously by conducting surveys, IDIs FGDs with Afghan refugees and migrants, as well as key informant interviews. The third phase was drafting the report. 

Types of Services Provided

Tandans offers a wide range of services throughout the study, encompassing project design, methodology development, data collection, advanced data analysis, comprehensive reporting, and effective presentation of findings. Their expertise and dedication are instrumental in shedding light on the complex issues surrounding Afghan refugees and migrants in Turkey, ultimately contributing to informed decision-making and policy development.

TANDANS team conducted a desk review about Afghan migrants and prepared the data collection tools accordingly. 

We used mixed methods to understand the Afghan migrants’ situation and vulnerability concerns. 

We conducted the fieldwork in 6 provinces. We applied 340 CAPI surveys with Afghan migrants in Türkiye  conducted IDIs and FGDs with Afghan migrants and interviewed with KIs. (legal authorities, NGOs, etc.) Then we analysed the data by using SPSS and MaxQDa.

Collected Data


with Afghan migrants

Focus Group Discussions

with beneficiary households

Key Informant Interviews

with implementing partners

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