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About the project

TANDANS Consulting’s objective in its subcontracted role for the project is to contribute to the improvement of the shared industrial infrastructure of the Pistachio Processing Sector, with a specific focus on enhancing the marketing potential of Siirt pistachios. This project, funded by EuropeAid, spans 3 continents and involves 14 countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Germany, the USA, China, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran, among others. TANDANS Consulting is entrusted with conducting essential market research and data analysis to inform strategies for marketing Siirt pistachios effectively.

Types of Services Provided

Through their services, TANDANS Consulting plays a vital role in advancing the marketing potential of Siirt pistachios and contributes to the overall development and growth of the pistachio processing sector across multiple international markets.

TANDANS Consulting conducts comprehensive market research that covers 13 provinces in Turkey and extends to 14 countries across different markets. This research aims to gather valuable insights into the pistachio processing sector and its potential in various international markets.

The team is responsible for preparing questionnaires designed to collect pertinent information from stakeholders within the industry. These questionnaires are instrumental in gathering data for analysis.

TANDANS Consulting employs online tools and methods to efficiently gather data from a diverse set of stakeholders, including industry experts, consumers, and market players. Data analysis is a critical component of the project. TANDANS Consulting utilizes IBM SPSS to analyze the collected data, applying advanced methodologies to derive meaningful insights.

The team compiles the findings and analysis into a comprehensive Market Research Report. This report provides valuable information and recommendations to inform decisions related to the improvement of the shared industrial infrastructure in the Pistachio Processing Sector.

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