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About the project

In the context of the “Technical Assistance for Improvement of Enforcement Services in Prisons” project, TANDANS Consulting assumed a pivotal responsibility in advancing the project’s goals and outcomes. Our contributions encompassed a range of specialized tasks aimed at enhancing enforcement services within the prison system. The overarching objective of the “Technical Assistance for Improvement of Enforcement Services in Prisons” project was to enhance and optimize the enforcement services within the prison system. This involved improving key aspects such as motivation assessment, risk evaluation, and offender profiling tools. The project sought to elevate the quality and effectiveness of enforcement services, ensuring that they align with international standards and best practices.

Types of Services Provided

Our contributions ensured that the project was well-equipped to achieve its objectives of enhancing enforcement services in Turkish prisons. We provided the necessary expertise, guidance, and analytical capabilities to assess the existing tools and methodologies and to develop tailored intervention programs for inmates, ultimately contributing to a more effective and efficient prison system in Turkey.

We provided expert guidance on the research methodologies to be employed, ensuring that they were robust, valid, and reliable. Our input extended to designing surveys, questionnaires, and sampling approaches that would yield meaningful insights.

We conducted an extensive online quantitative research initiative, surveying 1,000 inmates to assess the implementation of motivation, risk, and profile assessment tools. This was followed by the design and planning of a full-scale survey involving both prisoners and staff of the Turkish Prison Service, with a substantial sample of 20,000 prisoners to interview regarding profiling tools. Our role included conducting statistical analyses for a risk assessment system.

Our team delivered comprehensive reports, including descriptive and explorative analyses of survey data. We conducted ad hoc statistical analyses, such as factor analyses and structured equation analyses, to provide valuable insights. These findings were synthesized into a statistical report, finalized in close collaboration with subject matter experts.

TANDANS provided online consultation services for monitoring and problem-solving, further enhancing the project’s effectiveness. We also utilized SQL queries to extract data from the system and applied advanced software tools such as IBM SPSS Modeller and R to classify offenders based on their criminal profiles, facilitating the development of individual-focused intervention programs.

Collected Data

pilot interviews

with inmates

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