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About the project

TANDANS Data Science Consulting has a specific objective within the framework of the “Strengthening the Efficiency and Quality of the Judicial System in Azerbaijan” project. Their primary goal is to conduct three electronic surveys targeting court chairmen, judges, and court administration officials. These surveys serve as a critical component of the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) process. Subsequently, TANDANS is responsible for generating a TNA report alongside a comprehensive training program/plan tailored to court management for the Justice Academy of Azerbaijan.

Types of Services Provided

By conducting these surveys and producing the associated report, TANDANS Data Science Consulting plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and quality of the judicial system in Azerbaijan. Their efforts contribute to the development of a targeted training program that addresses the specific needs of the Justice Academy, ultimately leading to improvements in the country’s judicial processes.

TANDANS is tasked with designing three electronic surveys utilizing SurveyMonkey. These surveys are meticulously crafted to collect specific insights and data from court chairmen, judges, and court administration professionals.

After survey responses are gathered, TANDANS conducts thorough data analysis to extract meaningful findings. The team compiles these results into a comprehensive report, providing a clear overview of the training needs within the judicial system.

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