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About the project

Within the expansive framework of the PEP Project led by GIZ, the primary objective is to enhance access to employment opportunities for both Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens in host communities through collaborative efforts with the private sector and local institutions. Tandans, as a key partner in this endeavor, plays a pivotal role in shaping the project’s success. Our contribution centers on designing a comprehensive survey methodology, conducting in-depth interviews, and monitoring focus group discussions. Our aim is to gather essential information from over 30 projects conducted by project partners, utilizing a mixed-methods approach that includes qualitative tools such as in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews.

Focus Group Discussion
Types of Services Provided

Our services encompass the entire research process, from methodology development to data collection, analysis, and reporting. We specialize in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, enabling a nuanced assessment of project outcomes. Our commitment to delivering actionable insights contributes significantly to the success of the PEP Project and its mission to promote social cohesion and economic empowerment in host communities.

Tandans takes the lead in designing the project’s survey methodology and sampling approach, ensuring the robustness of data collection. We also contribute to the project’s initial design phase by selecting target provinces and preparing the inception report.

Our team spearheads the development of a rigorous research methodology that aligns perfectly with the project’s objectives, ensuring that the selection of target provinces and the preparation of the inception report meet the highest standards.

Tandans oversees the comprehensive collection of quantitative data through surveys conducted on approximately 10,000 beneficiary households. Concurrently, we conduct 90 focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Our expertise lies in the meticulous processing, analysis, and interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data, guaranteeing a holistic understanding of the determinants of project success.

We commit to delivering three analytical reports and a consolidated report, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness and sustainability of PEP measures. Our reports are comprehensive and action-oriented, based on the triangulation of quantitative and qualitative data.

Tandans plays a crucial role in presenting the pre and post-survey findings to project stakeholders, ensuring that decision-makers are well-informed and able to appreciate the impact of the measures implemented.

Collected Data


with beneficiary households

Focus Group Discussions

with beneficiary households

Key Informant Interviews

with beneficiary households

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