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About the project

In the context of the “Baseline and Follow-up Data Collection for Mediation in the Turkish Judiciary System,” Tandans Consulting played a central and instrumental role in conducting crucial baseline data collection. This data collection effort was a cornerstone of the broader “Improving Mediation Practices in Civil Disputes in Turkey” initiative, co-financed by SIDA and the Republic of Turkey, and implemented by the Council of Europe. Our contributions were pivotal, and we placed a strong emphasis on providing detailed, accurate, and comprehensive data

Types of Services Provided

Our services covered the entire spectrum of data collection, analysis, and reporting. Tandans Consulting recognized the importance of baseline data in informing policy and decision-making. We provided detailed, comprehensive, and accurate baseline data, ensuring that stakeholders had a strong foundation on which to build informed strategies and policies for advancing mediation practices within the Turkish judiciary system.

Tandans actively participated in the strategic design and meticulous planning of data collection initiatives, recognizing the critical importance of baseline data. Our objective was to establish a robust foundation of information regarding the state of mediation practices in Turkey. This encompassed voluntary mediation, judicial referrals, and the regulatory frameworks that underpin these practices.

We meticulously formulated and fine-tuned methodologies tailored to baseline data collection. These methodologies were carefully crafted to gather detailed insights into the awareness, perspectives, and expectations of a diverse array of stakeholders, including judges, lawyers, mediators, MSMEs, trade chambers, and court users. Additionally, we focused on evaluating the qualifications of those responsible for delivering mediation training and the effectiveness of basic mediation training programs.

Our team executed the data collection phase with precision, conducting surveys and interviews to gather comprehensive and detailed information. This encompassed assessing existing mediation practices, public awareness levels, and the regulatory framework governing mediation in Turkey. Our emphasis on detail extended to the rigorous analysis of the collected data, enabling us to draw meaningful insights.

Within the scope of Third Party Monitoring (TPM), TANDANS DSC has successfully undertaken various critical tasks to ensure project transparency and effectiveness. This includes the meticulous preparation of an inception report, along with the creation of three comprehensive analytical reports. These reports serve as valuable insights into project progress, outcomes, and impacts. Additionally, TANDANS DSC has skillfully compiled these findings into a single consolidated report, offering stakeholders a holistic view of the project’s journey and achievements. Our dedication to delivering insightful and detailed reports underscores our commitment to facilitating informed decision-making and contributing to the overall success of the project.

Tandans conducted thorough assessments of awareness levels among stakeholders and the general public, diving into the intricacies of mediation practices and types. We placed particular importance on evaluating the qualifications of individuals responsible for delivering mediation training and the effectiveness of these training programs. This granular assessment allowed us to identify areas for improvement and align training initiatives with international best practices.

Collected Data

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