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About the project

In the framework of the IPA Project “Increasing the Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy in the Field of Social Inclusion Policy,” Tandans Consulting played a pivotal role in enhancing the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy (MoFSP) in the realm of social inclusion policy. Our contributions were instrumental in achieving the project’s overarching objective, which was to align social policies with EU standards and international best practices.

Types of Services Provided

Our contributions have been instrumental in strengthening the institutional capacity of the MoFSP and making social policies in Turkey more inclusive, effective and aligned with EU standards and international approaches. TANDANS supported MoFSP to coordinate activities related to the development of medium and long-term indicators for social policies.

Tandans actively participated in the design of the project, focusing on supporting MoFSP in the development of medium and long-term indicators and measurement methods for social policies. Our aim was to provide the necessary expertise and guidance to build a robust framework in line with EU standards.

We adopted a methodological approach to develop a comprehensive methodology for gap analysis of social policy indicators, including demographic indicators. This methodology provided the basis for assessing the effectiveness of social policies for various target groups, in particular women, children, the poor, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Tandans conducted a rigorous gap analysis based on the developed methodology. Our team also played a critical role in the development of data collection and measurement tools specifically tailored to assess social inclusion indicators for vulnerable groups.

We provided continuous guidance and monitoring to junior experts involved in the project. This included facilitating meetings and workshops of task forces and guiding junior experts in developing reports on task force workshops. These reports included indices of indicators for each target group and measurement methods.

Tandans culminated its efforts by developing a consolidated report on the index of indicators for social policies across different target groups. This comprehensive report provided valuable insights and recommendations to the MoFSP, empowering them to make informed decisions and align their social inclusion policies with international best practices.

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