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About the project

Tandans Consulting played a pivotal role in the project aimed at improving the effectiveness of the administrative judiciary and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Council of State. Our contributions were instrumental in achieving the project’s objective, which included introducing innovative approaches to assess the performance and satisfaction levels within the judicial system.

Law & Judiciary
Types of Services Provided

Through innovative approaches and comprehensive services, Tandans Consulting made significant contributions to the project’s goal of improving the administrative judiciary’s effectiveness and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Council of State. Our efforts facilitated data-driven decision-making, promoted transparency, and supported the continuous improvement of the judicial system in Turkey.

Tandans actively engaged in designing the project’s strategies and methodologies. We introduced novel approaches to assess the effectiveness and satisfaction levels within the judicial system. Notably, we implemented the “self-assessment survey” method for the first time in Turkey as part of the International Court of Excellence in Turkey Framework (IFCA). Additionally, we incorporated the European Justice Effectiveness Commission (CEPEJ) “satisfaction questionnaire for court users.”

Our team meticulously crafted methodologies for assessing the performance of the Court of Cassation. This involved conducting two separate surveys—a self-evaluation survey and a court user satisfaction survey. These surveys were designed to gauge the perception and satisfaction levels of various stakeholders, including Supreme Court members, public prosecutors, investigation judges, administrative staff, parties with lawsuits, and lawyers in the Supreme Court.

Tandans executed data collection and analysis activities with precision. We designed and conducted the court-users satisfaction surveys, collecting valuable insights into the satisfaction levels of court users and identifying potential areas for improvement. Our data analysis provided actionable recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of the administrative judiciary.

Collected Data

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