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About the project

4Mi is the Mixed Migration Centre’s flagship primary data collection system, an innovative approach that helps fill knowledge gaps, and inform policy and response regarding the nature of mixed migratory movements and the protection risks for refugees and migrants on the move. 4Mi approach enables MMC to gather extensive and timely data relating to individual profiles, drivers of migration and future aspirations, experiences and decision-making along the journey, interactions with smugglers, aspirations, and destination choices. The main objective of 4Mi implementation in Turkey is to provide a better understanding of the migration intentions of Afghan refugees and migrants in Turkey, along with their specific vulnerabilities, and protection concerns. In particular, 4Mi data collection in Turkey will focus on understanding the experience of refugees and migrants engaging, or considering engaging in, onward movements toward Europe. 

Types of Services Provided

Our responsibilities encompass the execution of the 4Mi strategy within Turkey, a multi-faceted endeavor aimed at gathering crucial insights. Conducted surveys integral to comprehensively understanding the various dimensions of the subject matter and contributing to informed decision-making and policy formulation.

We collaborate closely with Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) to design the project not only effectively but also aligned with the goals and objectives. Our expert team takes into account the project’s scope, target population, and desired outcomes to craft a well-defined plan that serves as the project’s roadmap.

We implemented 4Mi strategy in Türkiye and prepared data collection tools and reported the collected data. 

TANDANS DSC conducted a total of 1350 surveys in the first phase, followed by 2424 surveys in the second phase, and an additional 1067 surveys in the third phase.

The fieldwork consists of 3 phases. For all phases, TANDANS reached the target, although some monitors faced some challenges with the deteriorating COVID-19 situation. Regular online coordination and feedback between monitors and Tandans DSC also helped in completing the surveys.

Collected Data


First Phase


Second Phase


Third Phase

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