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This research has been carried out to determine how pharmacists have been affected by the COVID-19 process beyond what is known, what losses they have suffered, what measures should be taken as pharmacists and for pharmacists in the crises that may occur in the future, and what measures should be taken and what has been left incomplete in this process. In this study we conducted with the Turkish Pharmacists Association, ‘mixed research method’ was used. The approach used in this research is an approach known as ‘exploratory sequential design’, in which quantitative research is used first and then qualitative research is used as guided by the results of the quantitative research.

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This research project has been undertaken to delve deeper into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pharmacists, exploring aspects beyond what is widely known. The primary objectives are to understand the challenges faced by pharmacists during the COVID-19 crisis, assess the losses incurred, and identify necessary measures to be taken, both by pharmacists themselves and for pharmacists in the face of future crises. Additionally, the study aims to highlight areas where actions were incomplete during the pandemic.

We conducted desk research to identify key themes and areas of focus related to the impact of COVID-19 on public pharmacies. TANDANS developed questionnaires aligned with the themes identified during desk research to gather quantitative data. Then we conducted field research, and prepared the report of the study.

We conducted web-based surveys involving 1798 pharmacists who own pharmacies to collect quantitative insights. Also, organized 20 Focus Group Discussions to gather qualitative data and gain deeper insights into the experiences of pharmacists during the pandemic. We meticulously report and document all collected data for further analysis.

We compiled research findings into a comprehensive report, including data analysis and recommendations for future measures and preparedness. 

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