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About the project

With the Turkish Women’s Associations Federation (TKDF) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Türkiye, TANDANS DSC provided one of the most comprehensive data analyses ever conducted in Türkiye in the struggle against “Violence Against Women” which remains one of Türkiye’s most important social problems. More than 28,000 calls received between 2007 and 2021 by the TKDF’s “Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline,” which provides services in 5 languages, were analyzed and the statistical analysis resulted in the preparation of the “Statistical Analysis Report of Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline Data for the Years 2007-2021” which contains striking statistics.

Types of Services Provided

TANDANS Data Science Consulting (DSC) offers a comprehensive range of services focused on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) data management and analysis. Firstly, we cleared the raw data received from TKDF, then we prepared a draft report with tentative tables. Secondly, TANDANS DSC excels in analyzing and incorporating detailed descriptions of GBV cases, particularly in terms of quantitative data. Lastly, TANDANS takes the crucial step of finalizing GBV data reports, offering additional recommendations for further enhancing data quality. 

We specialize in meticulously clearing and analyzing raw GBV data received from women’s associations. Our process involves the careful review and organization of data, resulting in drafting the report and preliminary tables that offer valuable insights into GBV.

We excel in analyzing and describing GBV cases, particularly in terms of quantitative data. This rigorous analysis ensures that the data provided is of the highest quality, facilitating a deeper understanding of GBV issues.

TANDANS DSC takes the critical step of finalizing GBV data reports and providing recommendations to enhance data quality further. Through our meticulous clearing and analysis of quantitative case descriptions, we offer well-qualified data and valuable suggestions, contributing to more informed efforts to combat Gender-Based Violence.

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