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About the project

The overarching purpose of this study is to evaluate the attitudes and behaviors of refugee patients, doctors and pharmacists on rational use of medicines and make recommendations for culturally competent/appropriate pharmaceutical services that meet the cultural, linguistic, health literacy, and health communication needs of refugees living in Turkey. The study has the following specific objectivesEvaluating the attitudes and behaviors of refugee patients, doctors and community pharmacists on rational use of medicines, understanding all role players’ attitudes and behaviors towards rational use of medicines and community pharmaceutical services, and adopting strategies that overcome challenges to allow refugees to access and effectively use available community pharmaceutical services.

Types of Services Provided

TANDANS DSC conduct an independent study by using mixed method research techniques on the rational use of medicines amongst refugees and migrants in Turkey. The study focuses on tripartite: doctors, patients and community pharmacists in three provinces. The survey results will be used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to communicate and share lessons learned with the Ministry of Health, SIHHAT project, donors, and strategic partners on the organization’s role in Turkey. It will also be used to communicate results and share experiences/lessons learned from the on-going refugee health care activities and/or reforms to contribute to the mutual learning of Turkey and WHO on how to best ensure the refugees have access to quality health services.  

TANDANS DSC actively participates in designing the study framework, outlining the research objectives, and structuring the study to assess attitudes and behaviors related to rational medicine use among refugees and the services provided by doctors and pharmacists.

Engaging in mixed-method research techniques to gather comprehensive data from doctors, patients, and community pharmacists in three provinces (Ankara, Istanbul, and Sanliurfa). 

Meticulously cleaning, coding, and analyzing the collected data to extract valuable insights and patterns related to medicine use behaviors.

Compiling research findings into a comprehensive report that provides recommendations for culturally competent pharmaceutical services, ultimately contributing to the well-being of refugees in Turkey.

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Collected Data

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Key Informant Interviews

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