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mıgratıon & Training

About the project

TANDANS Data Science Consulting has been awarded a project by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to provide Data Analysis and Reporting Training to the Turkish Coast Guard (TCG). The primary objective of this training program is to enhance the TCG’s capacity to analyze data effectively. Through this training, TCG staff members will develop the skills necessary to evaluate, report, and map risks in the field. The training aligns with TCG’s ongoing efforts to establish a robust data analysis system.

Types of Services Provided

TANDANS Data Science Consulting plays a vital role in fulfilling the objectives of the Data Analysis Training for the Turkish Coast Guard project. TANDANS Data Science Consulting’s involvement in this project contributes significantly to enhancing the capacity of the Turkish Coast Guard in data analysis and reporting, ultimately strengthening their ability to assess and manage risks effectively in their field operations.

TANDANS conducts a rapid assessment to determine the specific needs and skill levels of potential participants in the training program. This assessment ensures that the training is tailored to address the specific requirements of TCG staff.

TANDANS collaborates with IOM and TCG to prepare the training content. This content is designed to equip TCG staff with the knowledge and skills required for effective data analysis and reporting.

TANDANS designates professional trainers who will deliver the training at designated locations. These trainers bring expertise and experience in data analysis and reporting.

TANDANS assists IOM in evaluating the training program by preparing pre- and post-training multiple-choice questions. This evaluation process helps assess the effectiveness of the training.

TANDANS compiles the outcomes of the training program into a comprehensive training report. This report serves as a valuable resource for assessing the impact of the training and documenting the progress made by TCG staff.

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