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The overall objective of the “Execution of the Strategy” (the “Assignment”) is to execute a fully-fledged communication and Visibility Strategy to inform, raise awareness and enhance the visibility of ILBANK, AFD and EU’s financial assistance, mission, and accomplishments and  to communicate the EU’s commitment to supporting Türkiye in its efforts to host the biggest number of SuTPs in need of international protection in the world. As there are several local projects (sub-projects) in 8 different provinces, the tactics of the strategy shall be adopted to the characteristics of the target groups in the provinces. Moreover, the overall strategy drafted is vital to promote the EU-funded Municipal Services Project as the umbrella branding among local beneficiaries in eight provinces and throughout Türkiye for the general public.

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The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Enhancing ILBANK’s, AFD’s and EU’s reputations for their financial contribution to municipal services across all target groups and stakeholders,
  • Ensuring coherent and consistent use of ILBANK, AFD and EU’s financial contribution as a
  • Increasing visibility and awareness about the local projects and gaining support from
    the target groups,
  • Managing communications at all levels, including internal, external and multiplier target
  • Ensuring positive feedback from the messages that are conveyed,
  • Securing sustainability for communication,
  • Creating the right tools that are all accessible for the targeted groups,
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