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About the project

The objective of this multifaceted project, “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Civil Monitoring Boards (CMBs) in Line with European Standards,” was to strengthen and optimize the operations of CMBs. Tandans played a pivotal role in achieving this objective through a comprehensive set of contributions.

Types of Services Provided

Tandans’ services spanned the entire project lifecycle, from contributing to project design and methodology development to data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our specialized expertise in gathering insights from diverse stakeholders and synthesizing them into actionable recommendations contributed significantly to the project’s success in enhancing the effectiveness of Civil Monitoring Boards in line with European standards.

Tandans contributed to the design and implementation of the project’s four key components. These components aimed to enhance CMBs’ independence, efficiency, training provision, and internal coordination, aligning them with international standards.

Our team was instrumental in designing questionnaires that would form the basis for online surveys targeted at various stakeholders, including CMB members, prison staff, prisoners, and other external monitoring mechanisms. Our methodology development ensured that data collection would be thorough and aligned with the project’s objectives.

Tandans conducted online surveys, utilizing the designed questionnaires, to gather insights and feedback from a diverse set of stakeholders. Additionally, we facilitated 6 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and conducted 30 Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) in selected provinces. This approach allowed us to collect qualitative data and perspectives from the field.

Our team prepared a comprehensive final report that synthesized the findings from the desk review, online surveys, FGDs, and KIIs. The report provided a structured analysis of the project’s outcomes and recommendations for optimizing CMB operations.

Collected Data

Focus Group Discussions
Key Informant Interviews
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