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About the project

TANDANS was contracted by UNICEF to conduct Third Party Monitoring (TPM) activities of “Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) for Refugees”. The monitoring will be used by the UNICEF TCO to communicate and share lessons learned with the UNICEF’s Corporate Management, as well as with the Executive Board, donors, and strategic partners on the organization’s role in Turkey. It will also be used to communicate results and share experiences/lessons learned from the ongoing cash transfers and child care reforms to contribute to the mutual learning of Turkey and UNICEF TCO on how to best ensure the child’s right to access education and grow up in a family environment.

Types of Services Provided

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) is a vital part of the CCTE’s monitoring approach. This marks our first TPM project, and TANDANS serves as the independent monitoring firm. Our goal is to bring in extra monitoring insights to improve transparency and project impact. TANDANS successfully executed project design, crafted effective methodology, conducted comprehensive data collection and analysis, and adeptly reported and presented findings, showcasing our expertise in every phase of the project lifecycle.

We collaborate closely with UNICEF TCO to design the project not only effectively but also aligned with the goals and objectives. Our expert team takes into account the project’s scope, target population, and desired outcomes to craft a well-defined plan that serves as the project’s roadmap.

We used mixed methods to achieve the TPM objectives. We identified the most suitable methods for data collection, including surveys, interviews, and field observations, to ensure robust and reliable data. TANDANS DSC designed the questionnaires.

We identified the most suitable methods for data collection, including surveys, interviews, and field observations, to ensure robust and reliable data. TANDANS DSC designed the questionnaires and collected qualitative and quantitative data in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Hatay, Gaziantep, Bursa, and 10 provinces with high refugee populations by conducting field research. We interviewed beneficiary households and implementing partners. The team analyzed 6,000 quantitative and 60 qualitative data through SPSS and MaxQDa analysis tools.

Within the scope of Third Party Monitoring (TPM), TANDANS DSC has successfully undertaken various critical tasks to ensure project transparency and effectiveness. This includes the meticulous preparation of an inception report, along with the creation of three comprehensive analytical reports. These reports serve as valuable insights into project progress, outcomes, and impacts. Additionally, TANDANS DSC has skillfully compiled these findings into a single consolidated report, offering stakeholders a holistic view of the project’s journey and achievements. Our dedication to delivering insightful and detailed reports underscores our commitment to facilitating informed decision-making and contributing to the overall success of the project.

We have effectively shared our findings with both UNICEF and our implementing partners, fostering a collaborative and transparent approach to project evaluation. To enhance understanding and engagement, we have created a series of informative infographics, which are provided below.

Collected Data


with beneficiary households

Focus Group Discussions

with beneficiary households

Key Informant Interviews

with implementing partners

CCTE Infographic
CCTE Infographic
CCTE Infographic

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