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About the project

The overall goal of the Development of Inclusive Education Project (BEGEP) is to ensure the integration of all students into society by increasing the quality of mainstreaming practices in our country and increase the participation of children with special needs in society more effectively by raising the quality and effectiveness of special education. TANDANS DSC is conducting research about the placement processes, effectiveness and impact of the Guidance Research Centers (RAM) on beneficiaries. We will reveal whether the developed policies are implemented in the provinces or not, their capacities and demands of the RAMs. 

Types of Services Provided

TANDANS DSC plays a crucial role in achieving the goals of the BEGEP Project by conducting extensive research and analysis. Their contributions encompass a range of activities, including conducting interviews with key stakeholders such as Guidance and Research Centers, teachers, parents, and students. We were responsible for survey design, implementation, and monitoring, which involved collecting data from a diverse range of sources. Subsequently, TANDANS DSC processes and analyzes this data meticulously to derive valuable insights. The results of our research are compiled into a comprehensive report, which informs policy decisions and improvements in inclusive education practices.

TANDANS DSC conducted interviews with various stakeholders, including Guidance and Research Centers, teachers, parents, and students. These interviews provided valuable qualitative data that sheds light on the effectiveness of inclusive education policies and practices.

TANDANS DSC designs surveys that are tailored to gather information on placement processes, educational evaluation, and the overall impact of RAMs. These surveys are essential for collecting quantitative data.

TANDANS DSC oversees the implementation of surveys, which include face-to-face (F2F) interviews and web-based surveys. They also monitor the survey process to ensure data collection is comprehensive and accurate.

The collected data is processed and analyzed meticulously to uncover trends, patterns, and areas requiring improvement. Advanced data analysis techniques are employed to derive meaningful insights.

TANDANS DSC compiles their findings and insights into a comprehensive report. This report will serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and enhance the quality of inclusive education practices.

Collected Data

Key Informant Interview
Web-Based Surveys
Face-to-Face (F2F) Surveys
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