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About the project

Tandans DSC has been awarded the consultancy project titled “Assessment of the Supply of Financial Services by Turkish Banks for Displaced Persons and Their Host Communities” by the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC). The overarching objective of this consultancy assignment is to comprehensively evaluate the actual provision of financial services by banks to the target demographic, which includes displaced persons and economically disadvantaged local communities. Our role is instrumental in verifying and exploring critical assumptions while equipping us with a solid foundation for selecting banking sector partners.

Types of Services Provided

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) is a vital part of the CCTE’s monitoring approach. This marks our first TPM project, and TANDANS serves as the independent monitoring firm. Our goal is to bring in extra monitoring insights to improve transparency and project impact. TANDANS successfully executed project design, crafted effective methodology, conducted comprehensive data collection and analysis, and adeptly reported and presented findings, showcasing our expertise in every phase of the project lifecycle.

Tandans spearheads the design of the consultancy approach, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the project’s overarching goals. We lay the groundwork for a rigorous assessment, encompassing in-depth interviews, mystery shopping visits, and secondary desk research.

Our team meticulously crafts the methodology for the assessment study, optimizing it to gauge the current state of banks in terms of services offered to the target population. This includes evaluating the attitudes of both bank management and customers.

Tandans takes a lead role in conducting 15 in-depth interviews with professionals and 37 mystery shopping visits to banks in three crucial provinces: Ankara, Gaziantep, and Istanbul. This comprehensive data collection strategy provides a detailed understanding of the services offered by banks and their interactions with the target demographic. Our data analysis expertise ensures that insights gleaned from these interactions are thoroughly processed, allowing for well-informed conclusions.

We commit to delivering an insightful report based on the assessment’s findings. This report will delve into the current state of banks concerning services provided to the target population, shedding light on both challenges and opportunities.

Collected Data

mystery shopping visits
In-depth Interviews

with beneficiary households

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